Ian Rankin Signed Copy
Ian Rankin’s signature on my copy of his book, “The Naming of the Dead”, which he gave me. Ian was also kind enough to single out my review of his work for The Scotsman on the back cover.

Until 2016, I had only written three short stories, one of which was a prize-winner in the Scotsman/ORION Books 2008 short story competition. My prize was to spend a day working with Ian Rankin on my fiction, which was an eye-opener in many ways. I still have signed copies of Ian’s books, and the commemorative pint bottle of beer he gave me.

When I gave up full time work in 2016, I wrote thirty short stories over the next two years which I’m currently in the process of drawing together and editing into a collection. In 2019, my short stories have been published or are forthcoming in journals in the US and Canada.


Ian Rankin's beer gift
A bottle of beer given to me by Ian Rankin as part of my prize in the 2008 Scotsman/ORION Books short story competition