The Theory of Everything by James Wood

The Theory of Everything

The poems for this volume, together with its name, were selected by Helena Nelson at HappenStance Press. There are five copies remaining for sale. Copies are signed and may be dedicated on request:

From the reviews:

‘James W. Wood’s ‘The Theory of Everything’ negotiates the daily business of living with insight and feeling’ – Carl Phillips, (USA), winner of the Solomon Guggenheim Memorial Award

‘James W Wood’s The Theory of Everything is an exceptional first volume of verse, full of an awareness of the richness of everyday lives.’ – Professor Emeritus Brian Cox (UK) on The Theory of Everything

‘James W. Wood is fired by an intense love of the art, informed by extensive study and a keen ear for cadence and phrase. He’s a dynamic member of the younger network, unafraid to speak out with grace, spirit and intelligence.’ – Helena Nelson, Editor, HappenStance Press (UK)

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