The Anvil's Prayer by James Wood

The Anvil’s Prayer

Selected by Adele Ward, Editor at Ward/Wood Publishing. Cover design by Mike Fortune-Wood at Ward/Wood. There are now twelve copies of this book remaining in print.

Copies will be signed and may be dedicated on request.

From the reviews:

“The Anvil’s Prayer”, by James Wood, is an impressive collection of poems, both rigorously intelligent and profoundly human. Using imagery and conceits as startling and strange as those of Metaphysical poetry, Wood presents his insights into the human condition: our transience; our craving for a deeper understanding, and the celebration of human life that is love – love of all kinds.” – Dennis O’Donnell, author of The Locked Ward (Jonathan Cape, UK)

“The interest in Wood’s poetry lies in the doings of people, their histories, in the inner landscapes of their thoughts … human warmth is one of the distinguishing features of his work.” – Paul Blake, Brittle Star Magazine

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