J.W.Wood - Writer

Welcome to my website. You’ll find information about me, samples of my work, how to get in touch, and a place to buy some rare editions not available anywhere else. Thank you for visiting.


“[Stealing Fire] has all the hallmarks of a classic international thriller”

– Script Pipeline, Los Angeles (USA)

“The interest in Wood’s poetry lies in the doings of people, their histories, in the inner landscapes of their thoughts … human warmth is one of the distinguishing features of his work.”

– Paul Blake, Brittle Star Magazine (UK)

“The plot of Stealing Fire moves at breakneck pace – it’s like James Bond on speed.”

– The Irish Examiner (Ireland)

“intelligent and humane – I cannot recommend this book [The Anvil’s Prayer] highly enough.”

– Dennis O’Donnell, author of The Locked Ward (Jonathan Cape)

“This debut thriller shoots straight for the silver screen – it’s Sterling stuff from this Capital author.”

– The Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland)

“The Theory of Everything is an exceptional first volume of verse.”

– Professor Brian Cox, CBE, Emeritus Professor of English, University of Manchester (UK)

“[Stealing Fire is] terrific… at once a gripping yarn and a critique of the murky world of international arms dealing.”

– Stephen Thompson, Writer and Director, Black for a Cause; Author, Toy Soldiers

"Building a Kingdom ... is a splendid book."

- Professor A.F. Moritz, winner of the Griffin Prize for Excellence in Poetry

"In its musicality, its generosity, its acuity of mind and vision, and in its old-fashioned bravery and honesty, James W. Wood's poetry is unique and memorable."

- Matt Merritt, poet and author of "A Sky Full of Birds" (Random House)